International Week 2017

Information about your registration

For first years students:

You should attend the following lectures:
•             The keynote lecture by Sophie Vanhoonacker on Monday 6 February at 10:00
•             The keynote lecture by Ketan Makwana on Monday 6 February at 11:00
You do not need to register for these events, as your participation there is already registered.

Furthermore you should attend at least 3 and at most 6 workshops/lectures.
Please make sure that you have carefully preselected the events of your choice. 
Once you have selected a lecture, it is not possible to change it anymore.

In order to register for the events of your choice, you need to click on the button “register” behind the title of the lecture. There is a limited capacity for every lecture, and tickets will be granted on a “ first come- first serve”  basis. If a lecture from the programme does not appear in the registration menu, it means that it is fully booked.

For every event that you have selected, you will receive a confirmation email.


For other students:

You can register for individual events as long as there are places available. You will receive a confirmation email about your participation.


As of 1 February, the room numbers of the events will be published on


How to register for the International Week 2017?

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You can create an account by clicking the button:

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After creating an account, you will be redirected to the Registration Page, where you can click on the button REGISTER, next to the different activities for which you want to register.

You will receive a conformation e-mail after each activity for which you have registered. Please note: your e-mails may end up in your junk/SPAM e-mail!


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