International Week 2017

About the International Week


Here at ZUYD’s Faculty of International Business and Communication, our four study programmes aim to cre­ate young entre­pre­neur­ial pro­fes­sion­als with a global mind­set. All four study programmes of International Business, European Studies , Oriental Languages and Communication and the Academy of Translation  have international exchanges and internships as part of their study programmes. Internationally oriented teaching staff help the students to achieve their global mindset. Maastricht, home of the faculty, is located in between Belgium and Germany. English, German and French are widely spoken in addition to Dutch of course. The companies in the province of Limburg are the most internationally oriented companies in the Netherlands. The young professionals educated at the Faculty of International Business and Communication will be staffing these companies in the future.

During the International Week, students and staff are subjected to an international environment. Together they travel the globe with a specific theme each year. Via presentations, workshops, dance classes, performances and assignments, students and staff can increase their knowledge in addition to being inspired and having fun!



In 2017 we are having our fourth edition of the International Week. After a succesful International Week in 2016, themed "Move your Mind" and the International Week 2015 themed ‘Food for Thought’, ZUYD’s Faculty of International Business and Communication is looking forward to hosting many more of these International Weeks!