International Week 2017




Jeannette van Oostijen
Dean – Faculty of International Business and Communication

Welcome to the International Week 2017 at the Faculty of International Business and Communication in Maastricht.

Educating Global Minds is the key mission for our study programmes Oriental Languages and Communication, Translation and Interpreting, International Business, and European Studies.

To stimulate this global mind, we started three years ago with the International Weeks at our faculty with the aim to inspire our students and faculty members by sharing and discussing actual international topics with speakers from across the world, by meeting students from other study programmes, and by participating in workshops and many other activities…

This year the theme of our International Week is ‘Crossing borders’ with a specific focus on the connection of Europe to the world. We have taken this theme because tomorrow it will be exactly 25 years ago that the Treaty of Maastricht was signed on which the EU is based.

We will be discussing the media effect on public opinion in Europe, the consequences of the Brexit, but also topics such as the peace process in Colombia in relation to the EU and how the Japanese see the EU.

This year we have joined forces with the European Youth Forum. The second day of our week will take place in the Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht with a large multicultural event for and by young people with political debates, creative workshops, music, dance, theatre and sports. Together with many other young people from across Europe you are invited to exchange ideas about the future of Europe with European policy-makers and administrators.

I challenge you to be open to inspiration in order to cross borders together. You never know where it may come from or where it may start.

Begin with an open mind, and end with an inspired heart!

I wish you all a great International Week!