International Week 2017

Vlog assignment



International Week Vlog Assignment

International Week Vlog Assignment The International Week (IW) at the Faculty of Business and Communication offers a wide range of lectures, workshops and fringe activities. You are invited to think, reflect and become acquainted with ideas you may be unfamiliar with. Like in a restaurant, it is up to you which events you select and in which you participate (as long as you attend at least 2 events a day). Vlogging helps you to reflect on the things you saw and on the events that aroused your interest, and it allows you to share your experiences with other students and lecturers. Your task is to create a video ‘report’ of the international week. This involves ‘telling a story’ about your experiences, interviewing people about the event, taping bits of presentations and giving an impression of the atmosphere.
1. What is a Video Blog (or VLOG)? A vlog is a video commentary of a personal view on something – in this case an event. You and your group will produce a visual telling a personal story about the International Week at Zuyd University.
2. Is it an individual assignment or a team assignment?
You work in a team of 4-5 students. Each team will consist of students from different study programmes. You will therefore be working with others whom you do not know yet. In this set-up we are also crossing borders, mental borders
3. When do you shoot your VLOG?
You will make one vlog giving an overview of the International week (6,7 and 8 February). The vlog has to contain material from every single day. So at least one item from Monday 6 February, at least one item from the YOFest MECC event and at least one item from Wednesday 8 February
4. What is the length of the VLOG?
We expect every team to make a vlog of at least 4 minutes. Usually a vlog of not more than 6 minutes should be adequate, but we will not impose a maximum, as this may hamper creativity.
5. What is the deadline for submitting the VLOG? The task has to be completed on Monday 13 February at 11 am. The link to the place where you have uploaded your Vlog should be available on Blackboard
6. Where do you upload the VLOG and how do you pass the link to the assessors? It is to be uploaded to YouTube, Myspace or another service that allows others to check your VLOG. It is up to you who has access to the VLOG. You can simply choose: those who have the link to your upload. Then you go to Blackboard Zuyd –> International Week –> Wiki’s. There is a clear explanation and instruction there. Look for your team number (stated elsewhere in an Excel file). There you should insert the link to your VLOG and the names of the team members who have actively cooperated in the process of creating the VLOG
7. What do you need to do content-wise? In a vlog of at least 4 minutes you could communicate the following information: • What have the members of your team seen and done during the event? • What new ideas have you picked up? • How have you perceived it, generally speaking? • Which thing or message will you always remember? • How was the atmosphere? • Etc., etc.
8. Does your vlog need a theme? This is not necessary, but you may find it useful. Decide for yourself. You can narrow down the subject matter or make it all sound more logically linked, if you see that the presentations your team members are attending all fit under a certain umbrella theme. In other cases this is not possible, so you just stick to the general theme of the International Week.
9. Which elements does your vlog contain?
Film your group members as they present information. Clearly mention all your names (plus study programmes) on the title shot of the vlog. The video has to show you talking to the camera, and your presentation has to be polished and professional. Film in ‘landscape’ and not in ‘portrait’. You may include short clips of speakers, short interviews and short demonstrations. However, you need the explicit permission of a speaker for this. You cannot by law just film somebody and put him or her online.That is forbidden.

Do make sure, therefore, that your vlog does not include footage that you cannot account for, because this might be considered an infringement of copyright. You are liable for this personally. You may have transitions, texts on the screen, or any other extra embellishments or special effects, as long as these embellishments do not distract from the contents. You may also include visual material that we share with you on Facebook and Snapchat. Bibliography.A list of the sources of information that you have used to construct your video report (= register of images, list of lectures / activities attended) must be cited on the final page/screen image of your vlog. You roll the credits there, as it were. These must be formatted appropriately. 10. How to produce a VLOG:

If you decide to make a video:
The video can be made on any one of the following recording devices: video camera, digital camera, webcam, phone camera. The quality should be sufficient to meet the standards for visual/audio presentation and uploading on YouTube. Acceptable file formats include .mpeg, .avi, .wmv or .mov (not moviemaker project files).
If you decide to make a narrated animation in Powerpoint:
You must embed the image(s) of your hand-created structure as the visual aid, either in the form of photographs or other interactive tool, such as real-time drawing. Embedded static images sourced from the Internet are not sufficient as the primary visual aid for the structure.
You may consider Slowmation a useful option: Other option: Filmora, not free but with many features. Third option: Video Pad Video Editor, free (!) but with fewer features, though still enough to make a nice video. Upload a link to your video in Blackboard and make it available for your coach. You will get instructions where to do this on this page of the website.
11. What happens with the VLOGS afterwards
All vlogs will be assessed. First, a panel of IW student assistants will draw up a shortlist of best vlogs of 2017.
After that a jury will decide on which group has produced the best one.
The winner will be awarded a prize.
The top five of vlogs will be put on the IW website and will later be used during Open Days and at stands at educational fairs.
All vlogs will be put on a special YouTube channel. This means that your vlog will have a much longer life-cycle than just a report, so it is worth putting in your best effort.