International Week 2017


Monday, 6th of February | 13:00 - 13:45

Booming Colombia?!

Now alumni and recruitment officer at FIBC, Kevin Fuchs (NL) used to be a European Studies student. He started out as a parliamentary assistant to a Dutch MP and moved on to Colombia to become a Social studies and IB teacher, also advising students on international possibilities. After that he worked as a middle school teacher in Mexico.

Marianne Moor (NL) is an historian (University of Utrecht) and Coordinator of the Latin American Department of the Dutch Peace Movement PAX. She has worked on human rights and peace issues over the past 16 years as an analyst and on the ground in Latin American countries. Publications include the kidnapping industry in Colombia, the relationship between the EU and Cuba, and the reintegration of combatants.

Booming Colombia?!
This lecture focuses on social, political, and economic developments in Colombia since the mid-1950s. Mr Fuchs and Ms. Moor give an overview of recent developments in Colombia (war and peace, economic opportunities) discuss how it was to live and work in Colombia as a Dutch person, sketch some of the cultural differences between Western Europe and Colombia, predict how Colombia will be developing the future, and what opportunities students have in Colombia.

This lecture will be followed-up by an in-depth case study of the Colombian peace process.