International Week 2017

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Brexit, Trump, Wilders?

Monday, 6th of February |  13:00 - 13:45

Brexit, Trump, Wilders?

Sinnika Kroese (NL) has a drawer filled with postcards from around the world – sent by her father – sparking a curiosity that has guided her steps all her life. A fifteen-year long career with the ministry of Foreign Affairs as Consul and Head of operational management, meant living and working in Shanghai, China, New York, US, Luanda, Angola and Nairobi, Kenya. Five years in Maastricht were spent on an executive MBA and on a position at Zuyd as a lecturer/researcher. Sinnika now resides in beautiful Oxfordshire where she is plotting her next move. Her key interests are global inequality and development through economic trade.

Brexit, Trump, Wilders?
How bad is it to live in Britain after the Brexit vote? What happens after the populist movement has won? What do the anti-EU voters in the UK have in common with the Trump electoral base? Which populist victory is next and how bad is it?
Let’s look in the crystal ball together and see where each and every one of us makes a difference.