International Week 2017

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Henna painting workshop

Monday, 6th of February |  16:00 – 16:45 

Henna painting workshop

Asmae Abassi is a henna artist with Moroccan roots. Asmae’s aunt painted Asmae’s hands when she was a small child. She made decorations with a toothpick. Asmae liked it a lot and her interest in henna painting grew. When she was 12, she made her first henna painting for a cousin. Later, she started to make paintings for friends at secondary school. Nowadays, Asmae frequently works as a henna artist. She organizes workshops, makes henna paintings at parties and weddings and has her own Instagram account with her artwork (look for hennaperfection on Instagram).

Henna painting workshop
Henna has been used for various purposes for a long time. It is often used for body decorations. A lot of brides love to have their hands and feet painted on the day of the wedding. Henna is a symbol for happiness and joy, but a small henna tattoo may also serve as a beauty item.