International Week 2017


Monday, 6th of February |  16:00 – 16:45 


Karaoke (カラオケ), clipped compound of Japanese kara 空 "empty" and ōkesutora オーケストラ "orchestra") /ˌkæriˈoʊki/ or /ˌkærəˈoʊki/ Japanese: [kaɽaoke] ( listen), is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and public address system. The music is typically an instrumental version of a well-known popular song. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color, or music video images, to guide the singer. 

Sjef van Hoof (NL) will host the IW Karaoke event. Sjef participated in karaoke events in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Colombia. He was a candidate in the Dutch version of "Singing Bee" and between 2011 and 2013 he hosted the Latin Karaoke at the Latin American Film Festival (LAFF) in Utrecht. In 2007, he won a karaoke contest at the bar Tropical in Ibagué, Colombia. Next to being a karaoke fan, Sjef van Hoof is a lecturer of economics at Zuyd Hogeschool.

Karaoke event
Do you want to participate in the most international event of the International Week? Do you want to sing a summer hit? Or do you want to have fun and sing along with a group of friends? Discover the unknown "guilty pleasure" of students or lecturers? Join us in the International Week karaoke event and become Khaled, Beppy Kraft or Pharell Williams for a moment. If you like a particular song in Arab, Chinese, Danish, Japanese, German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish or Limburgian you may contact Sjef van Hoof This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . He will try to arrange that you can come and claim your "moment of fame" on Monday 6 February.