International Week 2017

Monday, 6th of February |  15:00 – 15:45 

Let's talk about the EU and Japan

We are Japanese exchange students (JPN) coming from various parts of Japan. We have been in the Netherlands for five months so far, and are enjoying the exciting life here. We not only have a different cultural background, but our study majors in our home universities also vary: literature, culture, linguistics, education, and economics. Such different backgrounds will surely help us to share ideas from different perspectives. This is why we have jumped at the chance of doing this presentation and sharing with you the Japanese perspective of EU.

Let's talk about the EU and Japan!
We are going to discuss the EU and its issues from a Japanese perspective, and would also like to listen to your opinions. Through our lives/studies in the Netherlands, we have had a lot of new experiences that we did not expect or even think about in Japan. Some of them are small findings in daily life in Europe, and the others are bigger findings regarding EU systems or EU law. We have picked up these topics for our presentation and will discuss these with you after introducing our opinions