International Week 2017

Sustainability, education and globalisation: so what?!

Monday, 6th of February |  16:00 – 16:45 

Sustainability, Education and Globalisation: So What!?

After 25 years in private industry as an economist and eventually CFO and CEO, Jos Eussen became a social entrepreneur and now heads the RCE Rhine-Meuse. This Regional Centre of Expertise is one of the 140 centres worldwide acknowledged by United Nations University, cooperating for a more sustainable society. Among other things it coordinates the international, ground-breaking OPEDUCA Project, transforming schooling towards future-relevant education, which combines technology, language, math, sustainability, internationalization and entrepreneurship.

Sustainability, Education and Globalisation: So What!?
How can we build regional alliances of Industry, Schools, Science, Governmental bodies and NGOs to bring education and knowledge development back to student-focused future-relevant learning? How can we enable the young to learn Anytime, Anyplace, with Anybody, through Any Device on those themes that will define their and our common future? How can we unleash youngsters' potential to turn their thinking into action, in their own communities and connected as global citizens, thereby partnering the worlds of education and work? What is the role that youngsters can play themselves? Hear the need-to-know-facts, be challenged and give your opinions!