International Week 2017

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Dreaming of the future: the role of education for young refugees

Wednesday, 8th of February |  10:00 – 10:45 

Dreaming of the future: the role of education for young refugees

Passionate to contribute to the well-being of and equal opportunities for everyone, Babet Hoeberigs (NL), was involved in development cooperation and the Maastricht – El Rama city bond for more than 10 years. Since June this year she has been involved in another side of the story: the refugee situation in the Netherlands. She met her co-host, Aurelia Streit, during her work for Maastricht University. Aurelia is a student at Maastricht University and founder and head of Refuge Project Maastricht. They might be accompanied by a third host.

Dreaming of the future: the role of education for young refugees
Imagine moving to a country and not being able to go to school. At first sight this may be an appealing idea. However, the unknown future that refugee children and youths face is extreme. Conflict has a severe impact on education, because people are displaced and learning facilities are destroyed or used for other purposes. Children and youths become vulnerable, not only to the violent effects of war, but also to exploitation such as child labour, early marriage, and recruitment to armed groups. And if refugee youths are put on a track to secondary and higher education, what is next in store is unclear. How are they expected to live self-reliant lives in dignity, find meaningful work and afford to establish their own families?
What does it mean to come to the Netherlands as an asylum seeker? We all have dreams. Starting from our own dreams we will take you on an exploration in which you have to give up your dreams and replace them by new dreams.