International Week 2017

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Europe: bastion of security in troubled times?

Wednesday, 8th of February |  14:00 – 14:45 

Europe: bastion of security in troubled times?

Dave Sheehan (UK)
came from the UK to the Netherlands in the 1980s. Transformed in the new century from a teacher of classical languages to an activist for human rights. If he can do it, anyone can: and why would we not want to transform?

Europe: bastion of security in troubled times?
The dream that was heralded in 1992 with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty is in danger. The land of Greece is a nexus where this danger resides. Swamped with migrants from many different sources, which it hardly has the means, financial or practical, to cope with, it is also trapped into a slavery to the debt imposed by the Troika of ECB, IMF and European Union. A Greek tragedy into which the whole of Europe is locked?