International Week 2017

How to love your work and have a big impact – across, beyond and without borders


Wednesday, 8th of February |  09:00 – 09:45 

A Career Crossing Borders: The #1 Mindset You MUST Develop

Hans Balmaekers (NL) started his career as a lawyer in 2006, switched to a corporate HR role within DSM in 2007 and led its global network of young professionals, then launched his first business in 2011 – to grow several educational ventures in the last four years. Now, his company is active in 15 countries and he leads a team of people working in 7 countries and above all, tries to apply the orbital perspective to everything he isdoing

A Career Crossing Borders: The #1 Mindset You MUST Develop

In a world that is changing faster and faster, organizations big and small need entrepreneurs at all levels of their organizations. Entrepreneurship is not about having the highest number but having breakthrough ideas. It is a mindset that you can actually develop, and it pays off in many ways. Join us for an interactive session where you will be doing small experiments to develop your entrepreneurial mindset for a career crossing borders.