International Week 2017

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I'll tell you my path, but what about yours?

Wednesday, 8th of February |  15:00 – 15:45 

I'll tell you my path, but what about yours?

A mother from Lebanon, a father from Cuba, born in the United States and living here in Maastricht. How has Lori NeJaime (USA) ended up here? She moved from University to a job on Wall Street, back to University, to Amsterdam, to the US and to London. Apart from working here, she has a summer job in the USA as a physiotherapist.

I’ll tell you my path, but what about yours?
What is living in Europe like for a non-European? Lori explains what it is like to live and work in two countries, the Netherlands and the USA. When young, her parents never read a book to her, so her upbringing was probably different from yours. She will go into cultural differences and she will describe how she is setting up her own business here. What name will the business have and how is a name perceived in Dutch culture? Find out about her path and her decisions, and then think: what's my path and what decisions will I make to get where I want?