International Week 2017

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Is Vladimir Putin a threat to the West?

Wednesday, 8th of February |  11:00 – 11:45 

Is Vladimir Putin a threat to the West?

Robin Sterk (NL), 'founding father' and head of the Department of European Studies, retired from Zuyd in 2014 and is currently working as an independent guest lecturer and advisor in the field of higher education. Robin has always been fascinated by Eastern Europe ever since he studied, as a conscript officer, Russian in the Intelligence Service of the Dutch Armed Forces. He is a specialist on the Cold War, Russian and Soviet leaders, the Baltic States and Moldova.

Is Vladimir Putin a threat to the West?
Who is Vladimir Putin, the so-called neo-tsar of Russia? What are his credentials and his ideas? How did he rise to power? What is he like as a person? What has changed for the 25-year-old EU in its relationship to Russia? Does the West have to fear a Cold War 2.0? An interactive presentation, including a quiz, film fragments and cartoons, will try to answer these intriguing questions. Hopefully there will be many reactions and questions from the audience