International Week 2017

Logistics: the industrial revolution of tomorrow



Wednesday, 8th of February |  11:00 – 11:45 (English)

 13:00 - 13:45 (French)

Logistics: the Industrial Revolution of Tomorrow

Bernard Piette (BE) is the General Manager of Logistics in Wallonia, the Competitive Cluster for Logistics and Mobility in Wallonia (Belgium). Besides, he has been supporting businesses internationally first in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Liege and at the Chamber of Commerce of Maastricht for nearly 15 years. Since early 2012 he has also been Honorary Consul General of the Netherlands in Liège.

Logistics in Wallonia is one of the six clusters recognized by the Walloon authorities in the framework of an ambitious economic development plan called “Marshall Plan”. These clusters are meeting and collaboration platforms for all the actors of the sector : logistic service providers, shippers, universities, research and training organisations. The aim is to encourage these actors to meet and to set up collaborative projects funded by the Walloon Region under certain conditions.

Logistics: the Industrial Revolution of Tomorrow

Transport and logistics have always been important economic activities in the Netherlands. In the last ten years, environmental issues and the explosion of e-commerce have radically transformed this economic activity. It is now becoming one of the vital factors for remaining competitive. What will be the supply chains of tomorrow?

This lecture is given in English at 11:00

This lecture is given in French at 13:00