International Week 2017

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The EU as a security provider?

Wednesday, 8th of February |  15:00 – 15:45 

The EU as a security provider?

Peter Pijpers (NL) is a Netherlands Army Officer (General Staff) seconded to the Crisis Management and Planning Directorate within the European External Action Service in Brussels.
He works as a strategic planner, mainly focussing on North Africa. His previous positions were at the office of the Netherlands Defence Policy Director and at the Royal Netherlands Military Academy (KMA) where he taught Strategic and War Studies. Peter holds a degree in Public Administration and has read international Law. He was deployed three times to FYROM, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The EU as a security provider?
In July 2016 the EU published its EU Global Strategy "Shared Vision, Common Action: A stronger Europe" in which it states that the EU citizens and the world need a strong European Union since the wider region around the EU has become more unstable and more insecure. Especially the crises within and beyond our borders, such as the surge of migrants and persistent terrorism are affecting directly our citizens’ lives. But what is the EU security policy work and how does it work in practice? How do EU missions and operations like EUNAVFORMED in the Mediterranean come into existence and why? And is not NATO a far better security provider?
A view from within the system.