International Week 2017

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Third countries nationals within the EU legal order.


Wednesday, 8th of February |  09:00 – 09:45 

Third countries nationals within the EU legal order - recent developments and search for possible solutions

Dr. Agata Capik (PL) graduated in Law and European Integration. Subsequently, she obtained a PhD in European and Civil Law, and followed by the Traineeship at the EFTA Court in EU patent and competition law, the Executive - M.B.L. Program in International and European Business law and a research grant in EU law. She is an author and co-author of several books and contributions (in English, German and Polish) in European public law. Her professional experience covers the private sector, public administration and academia. Since 2006 she has regularly given seminars on EU law, in particular European constitutional and institutional law, procedure before the European courts, EU patent law, EU competition law, State aid, and fundamental freedoms for the Cracow Chamber of Commerce (Poland).

Third countries nationals within the EU legal order - recent developments and search for possible solutions.
The migration policy came into the European statutory framework with the Treaty of Maastricht and since then it has obviously undergone significant improvement from raw beginnings to a sanguine legal and political framework, within a broader field of Justice and Home Affairs. Facing current geopolitical developments, however, this framework was further developed, calling upon solidarity and responsibility among the EU Member States, and aiming at a balanced and comprehensive common migration policy at EU level. How the Union could balance human rights, life and money within its political and legal framework, and - perhaps more importantly - which costs are to be paid by whom, will be a point of departure of this lecture, concluded by an outline of possible solutions.